Friday, February 1, 2013

Cold Winter Days and Nights

It's been a long, cold month.  At first, I was brave.  I bought a used fur coat from Salvation Army, turned it inside out so that the fur became the lining and the lining became the fur.  I layered with down vests and woollens under my slacks and a scarf under my coat and a scarf over my coat.  You get the idea.  I wanted to take on winter with a positive attitude; like a warrior with a purpose.  My purpose was to not let the cold stop me from living my life.  Week one, I did very well.  Week two, I began to weaken.  Week three, and I've given in.  What does this mean?  This means that I'm walking less and reading more; I'm going out to events less and baking cookies more.  And it's not so bad; this slowing down and moving inward.   It's perhaps winter's greatest gift.

Eek! Wake up to minus 30. Car won't start. The battery is dead...need a new one.  Phone rings... appointments cancelled because of the cold...Yes! unscheduled day.  I can do whatever I want, bake cookies, sew, write a book, research theatres, visit my Mom but first.... I'll relax for 5 minutes....z.z.z.zZZZZZZZ... 90 minutes later....

So glad it's too cold to do anything except reading.... making risotto.... walking around the block (brrrrrr) ...hand stitch a pillow....Che adventura!.... study Italian words...what a wonderful day off.