Sunday, May 13, 2012

Full Moon Lessons

The moon was incredibly bright last week, the brightest it's been in years, or so they said on the weather channel.  Whether it's true or not, the full moon always manages to entrance me. Perhaps because it is our closest celestial neighbour.  Or perhaps because it shines in the darkness, always seeming to guide my way when I'm not so sure where my path is leading me. For a few moments the other night, while I stood watching that brilliant moon, all my disappointments melted away and I only felt gratitude; what an incredible gift life is.  What a gift that the natural world, even with all our technology, still provides us with a sense of magic and wonder.  What a gift that my life has brought me into so many diverse circles of people from all walks of life.  This week I attended a gathering of Aboriginal artists and something one of the presenters said really stuck a chord with me. He was speaking on the role of art and he spoke of art as a "magic moment maker." He went on to say that "If I want to be a magic moment maker, I have to move any barriers that prevent me; anything that stands in the way of transforming".  As I heard him speak, I thought "yes".  And often those barriers are internal as well as external.  Sometimes those internal barriers are less obvious to the eye and so more dangerous.  Disappointment, if left to fester, leads to discouragement and discouragement, if left unattended, leads to depression, and so on.  After hearing this artist's talk, I am reminded that I need to recognize and root out my own internal (and external) barriers.  Life is too short.  We all need to shine. And the moon certainly set a fine example for us last week.

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  1. I've always wondered whether there is a formal hierarchy of "D" words .. if so, would it be (in increasing order of severity): disappointment, discouragement, despondence, dejection, depression, despair?