Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a tour into a corner of my soul

Today I woke up thinking about this concept of “creativity in the every day”. And really, the word “creative” can be defined so broadly that in fact, I could peel a banana creatively or make my bed creatively. (The fact is, I rarely make my bed at all so I suppose making my bed really would be a creative act.) So what do I mean when I challenge myself to “creativity in the every day”. I think that for me, it's a mixture of engaging my imagination and at the same time taking a little tour into a corner of my soul. I suppose it's a bit like a prayer for me; a way to affirm life. I'm trying to invent/ invoke /capture one moment in my day where there is an element of enchantment. I used to keep diaires; reems and reems of pages of what I felt; what I did; what challenges I faced. And to some extent, I still do this. But it's more exciting for me to face an open, blank page and allow an image to emerge. Whatever image comes up is more honest than any words I could conjure up. What will today's image be? Today, as I open up to a blank page, I feel at sixes and sevens. But that's fine. I can feel anything at all and still invoke imagination.

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